A Call For Peace As The Conflict Escalates

3 min readMay 18, 2021

As the conflict between Israel and Palestine continues to escalate, China proposes a solution to end it.

Before we learn about the solution proposed by China, let’s take a quick look at what has been happening and how it all started.

The Crisis

We have all been reading about the conflict between Israel and Palestine for the past couple of weeks. Tensions have always been high between Israel and Palestinians living in East Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank. But why are there tensions in the first place?

Gaza is ruled by a Palestinian militant group called Hamas. Israel and Egypt tightly control Gaza’s borders to stop weapons getting to Hamas. Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank are saying that they are suffering due to Israeli actions and restrictions. Israel says that it is only acting to protect itself from Palestinian violence. But the tensions increased since the beginning of Ramadan in mid-April 2021 because of the nightly clashes between the Israeli police and Palestinians. The threatened eviction of some Palestinian families in East Jerusalem also caused surging anger.

The situation is becoming worse every day and according to authorities on either sides, the heaviest exchange of fire in years has killed 197 in Gaza and 10 in Israel since Monday. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres pleaded for an immediate end to the violence and warned of an “uncontainable security and humanitarian crisis”, writes, TOI.

China’s Solution

In the UN Security Council meeting (UNSC) conducted on Sunday, China suggested a “two-state solution” as soon as possible. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was quoted by Chinese official media, saying that the solution is “to establish an independent State of Palestine that enjoys full sovereignty with East Jerusalem as its capital and based on the 1967 border, and fundamentally realise the peaceful coexistence of Palestine and Israel, realise the harmonious coexistence of the Arab and Jewish nations, and realise lasting peace in the Middle East”, writes, Hindustan Times.

Apart from the two-state solution, China has also put forth a four-point proposition, which included the immediate ceasefire and cessation of violence, humanitarian assistance including lifting the blockade and siege of Gaza at the earliest and ensuring international support in reducing the tension.

Zooming Out

Besides China, the United States, who is a strong ally of Israel, has said that it is ready to provide support if the parties seek a ceasefire. The foreign ministers of Egypt and Saudi Arabia are seeking an immediate cease-fire in the fighting between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. So, world leaders want peace in Israel and Palestine but is that even possible?

Because the conflict between both sides continues to become worse every single day, with no end in sight. Even though the headlines of countries wanting to bring peace between both side brings hope, peace talks have been going on and off for over 25 years, but the conflict hasn’t been resolved yet. So, be it dividing into two states or reaching any other solution, it has to be done as soon as possible. Otherwise, innocent people will continue to be caught in between and suffer the consequences.

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