IBM Makes A Breakthrough In Chip Technology

The company has unveiled the world’s first 2 nanometer (nm) nanosheet technology. But why is it important?

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Breaking It Down

But we didn’t always have chips that could be fit into small phones. In the 2000s, desktop processors had 42 *nm processes. (*The nm denotes the size of the small transistors that the CPU is made up of and the distance between these transistors)
Then in 2018, Intel announced their 10 nm Sunny Cove chips and AMD announced their smaller 7 nm CPUs soon after. The same goes for mobile CPUs as well. In the past decade, we have come down to 7 nm from 14 nm.

The Big Deal About IBM’s Chip

This 2 nm chip has the potential to quadruple cell phone battery life, only requiring users to charge their devices every four days. It could also reduce the carbon footprint of data centres, which account for one percent of global energy use. When we change all their services to 2 nm-based processors, we could potentially lower that number considerably.

It could significantly speed up a laptop’s functions, ranging from quicker processing in applications, to helping in language translation more easily, to quicker internet access. Finally, it could contribute to faster object detection and reaction times in autonomous vehicles such as self-driving cars.

Zooming Out

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