MF Data Snapshot: Debt, Hybrid Funds Log Inflows; SIPs At ₹7,528 Cr

Here’s how the mutual fund industry performed in February this year.

The mutual fund industry recorded an overall outflow of ₹1,843.57 crore across all segments, making this as the second straight month to clock outflows. The assets under management (AUM) of the mutual fund industry surged to ₹31.64 lakh crore in February-end from ₹30.5 lakh crore in January-end.

The growth and equity oriented schemes under the open-ended schemes saw an increase in net outflow to ₹10,468.02 crore in February against a net outflow of ₹9,253.2 crore in January.

Under the open-ended schemes, most of the equity oriented schemes saw an outflow last month except for Multi Cap Fund (₹4,077.94 crore), Large & Mid Cap Fund (₹156.85 crore), Focused Fund (₹156.86 crore), which recorded inflows. Flexi Cap Fund saw the biggest outflow of ₹10,430.90 crore, followed by Value Fund/Contra Fund with ₹1,378 crore worth net outflows and Large Cap Fund with ₹1,280.15 crore worth net outflows.

The chart below shows the equity flows of the last three months i.e., December (₹-10,147 crore), January (₹-9,253.2 crore) and February (₹-10,468.02 crore). The equity-oriented mutual funds saw net outflows for the eighth straight month.

Income/debt oriented schemes recorded an inflow of ₹1,734.63 crore in February 2021 against an outflow of ₹33,408.76 crore in January 2021. The positive flows in debt funds last month was supported by an inflow of ₹17,301.57 crore in liquid funds in February.

Hybrid schemes (mix of equity and debt) saw an inflow of ₹4,702.75 crore in February against an inflow of ₹2,141.7 crore in January. The surge in inflows was driven by Arbitrage Fund (₹5,033.26 crore).

Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) recorded inflows for the second straight month by logging ₹491.39 crore in February. The inflows to other ETFs declined sharply to ₹1,949.09 crore in February from recording inflows of ₹6,133 crore in January. Index funds witnessed an inflow of ₹489.17 crore in February, making it the second consecutive month to attract inflows.

The chart depicts the total contribution made by systematic investment plans (SIPs) in the last six months. In February 2021, the SIP inflows declined marginally to ₹7,528 crore as compared to ₹8,023 crore in January 2021.

The total number of SIP folios surged slightly to 3.62 crore in February against 3.54 crore in January 2021.

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